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HYPOSTASIS (2018) Short Film

Hypostasis tells the story of Matthew, a troubled ex-athlete down on his luck since the death of his mother. Crucial to Matt’s plight are the ongoing symptoms of life with bipolar disorder; over the course of a day, we follow interactions and confrontations between him and his doctor, sister, cousin, and father, the last of whom proves to be an overwhelming part of the problem. Can Matt maintain control and turn the latest hard knock into something positive? What can we the audience do to cater to the sensitive needs of those at risk of self-harm? Hypostasis does not answer but rather seeks to present these questions in cinematic form.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hollywood North Film Awards hypostasis cameron murton rich clune

8 Nominations at the Hollywood North Film Awards
Won Best Cinematography

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Raised over $27,000 through Indiegogo for the production, and $11,000 from Meridian Credit Union to donate to CAMH.